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Rob Steinberg

Rob Steinberg

Chicago Filmmaker, Writer, and Human

Rob is an artist who directs, produces, writes, and films videos. His education is a degree in Fine Arts from School of the Art Institute in Chicago, IL.


Published Work:

Hard Times Articles



Milwaukee Underground Film Festival
Are We Cool Yet? Radio Appearance


Exhibited Work:

2018 Cago Film Fest, The Crowd Theater, Chicago, IL
2018 Thigh Times Release Party, The Egg, Chicago, IL
2018 BVAF, Moscow, Russia
2018 Chased By Zombies Public Access Show, Chicago, IL
2018 Freakfest, Under The Gun Theater, Chicago, IL
2018 Wretched Nobles, Den Theater, Chicago, IL
2017 Freakfest, North Bar, Chicago, IL
2017 Windy City Playhouse, Chicago, IL
2017 Que4 Radio Station, Chicago, IL
2017 Yippiefest, Prop Theater, Chicago, IL
2017 Second City Write Off, Second City, Chicago, IL
2017 Sinema Obscura, Township, Chicago, IL
2016 Helltrap Nightmare, Hideout, Chicago, IL
2016 Toy De Jour, Chicago, IL
2016 Filmideo, Newark Museum, Newark, NJ
2016 Wretched Nobles, Chicago, IL
2015 ACRETV Tele Novela
2015 CimmFest 45’s&45’s, Chicago, IL
2015 A. I. R. Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2014 Wretched Nobles, Chicago, IL
2014 Comfort Station’s 45s&45s, Chicago, IL
2014 Bawsy Silent Film Fest, Chicago, IL
2013 SAIC Time Arts Show, Gene Siskel Film Center, Chicago, IL
2013 CanTV Public Access Channel, Chicago, IL
2012 Club Nutz, Chicago, IL
2012 SAIC 7th Undergrad Film Festival, Columbus Drive, Chicago, IL
2011 SAIC 6th Undergrad Film Festival, Columbus Drive, Chicago, IL
2010 Glitch Conference, Cinncinati, Ohio